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22nd-24th of May 2019

Conference Presentation

19th-20th of March 2019

Conference Presentation

18th of March 2019

Third VaD Matrix Meeting; Harrogate

22nd of March 2019

We are Recruiting!

1st of March 2019

We are Recruiting!

14th of September 2018

Second VaD Matrix Meeting; Cambridge

11th-12th of April 2018


Dr Gaia Brezzo and Prof Hugh Markus attend the European Stroke Association 2019 Conference in Milan, Italy. Hugh gave a talk in the cerebral small vessel disease session focusing on the Preserve Trial, looking at intensive versus standard blood pressure lowering in cSVD assessed by DTI. Gaia was able to present an E-poster entitled ‘neuro-glial-vascular alterations in a novel mouse model of small vessel disease’, looking at Col4a1 mutations effects on brain health.

Dr Gaia Brezzo presents a poster at the Alzheimer’s Research UK 2019 Conference in Harrogate focusing on the latest data on a new mouse of model of Small Vessel Disease. Prof Hugh Markus gives a talk focusing on moving towards more effective evaluation of therapies in Vascular Cognitive Impairment. To get all of this conference action, follow us on twitter!

The consortium meet in Harrogate to discuss progress and future plans. There were a series of presentations updating consortium members on developments from iPSCs, patients and in-vivo groups. Discussions focused on the generation of manuscripts and new and future developments of the project and consortium.

The consortium is looking to recruit a Research Assistance to join the Stroke Research Team (Dr Alex Granata and Prof Hugh Markus) in collaboration with Dr Sanjay Sinha at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus to work on a iPSC-derived model to study Cerebral Small Vessel Disease. If you have experience and a keen interest in iPSCs apply here. Deadline: 7th of April 2019

The consortium is looking to recruit a Research Associate to join Prof Tao Wang and Prof Stuart Allan in Manchester. If you have research experience in cell biology and molecular biology we want to hear from you! All details here. Deadline: 1st of April 2019.

The consortium meet in Cambridge to discuss progress and future plans. There were a series of presentations focusing on updates from iPSCs and in-vivo groups alongside discussions on sharing research tools. Following these discussions, immediate and long term goals of the project were discussed. The meeting concluded with a brainstorm of public engagement events and future grants and collaborations opportunities.

The University of Edinburgh Dementia Research Institute (DRI) launches. Prof Karen Horsburgh gives a talk relating to neurogliovascular unit dysruption in models of vascular cognitive impairment. Dr Gaia Brezzo was able to present a poster relating to the VaD Matrix project research aims and plans.

1st of February 2018

First VaD Matrix Meeting; Edinburgh

The newly established consortium meets for the first time in Edinburgh to discuss progress made and future plans. Following a series of background talks and discussion, initial updates on progress of pre-clinical and iPSC models were given. Following group updates public outreach opportunities and future developments were discussed.

3rd of January 2018


Dr Gaia Brezzo is appointed as Research Fellow on the project. She will be joining the in vivo team working alongside Prof Karen Horsburgh and Dr Tom Van Agtmael.